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The meeting was called to order by Donna Cook with the first line of business being the Labor Day Week-end show-committee report:
1.  Lynn Thomas and Chris Wescott reported they have a few ads, and will be pursuing more in the next two weeks and have it completed by the next regular business meeting (DEADLINE 7/25/05).
2.  Also, it was agreed a mass mailing to the membership regarding kennel/breeder ads for each group in the catalog......Lynn thinks we will have most of the groups covered just by asking members to place ads.  Donna Cook offered to cover the Hound Group, Lynn will do the Sporting Group, and Lynn will be contacting the rest of the members to try to cover all groups.
3.  Deadline for ads is July 25th
4. All proofs go to Vicki Rolls
    Lynn's question:"Do we just collect business cards     and make the ad for the person or let them do their own    ad????
    Sue's answer:"Vicki and I proofed them I think she needed to get in touch with you about a few tropies unless her info was complete and Rau just "screwed up" -- they didn't get some listed."
It was noted by Sue that everyone except Vicki Rolls (who's out of town) , and the quorum was met.
Sue noted Donna Cook is the trophy chairperson.
Next line of business:
Donna Cook:  "What else do we need to discuss?  Anyone want to comment on new sites for future shows?" (tabled)
Kris:  "Ads for the show.  Should we call the local newspapers so they can add us to the "What Is Going On" page? So we can get some "public"?"
Question:  "Lobster Bake".
Donna Cook:  No Lobster Bake this year.
Donna Cook:  "Yes, Kris, someone should do that."
Sue:  "Donna Caron used to do publicity -- maybe she has some source info.  Jon also mentioned a good source."
sentinel" Who it chief steward?
Sue:  Joan Brewster
Donna:  I would love to help in obedience.
Kris:  Me too!
Sentinel: OK, has Pat Leclerc been asked?
Lynn:  Yes
Donna:  I am still working on food concessions; what do you have?
Kiwanis contact has not gotten back to me. Spoke with someone else 3 days ago. Hope to hear soon.
Jon:  Joan needs to get Donna's list unless you have already given it to Joan.
Donna:  I think the Scouts are on board this year also.
Sue: Is the show undercontrol enough for now? (especially since Vicki isn't here; we could sure use her input-- maybe do a show "chat" later).
Sentinel:  Do we have a nominating committee?
Donna:  Who wants to be nominated? 
Sentinel:  Maybe a regular meeting would be good; we need to get back to a regular schedule of meetings.
Sue: We should probably discuss the direction of the club, future shows, etc.
Sentinel: Need 3 people for a nominating committee.
Nominating Committee chosen:  Donna Cook, Lynn Thomas, and Chris Wescott
Officers for our temporary slate of officers are as follows:  Pres. Gay Spear, VP Vicki Rolls, Treas. Donna Cook, Secretary Lynn Thomas, and Directors are:  Jon Chase, Kris Wescott, and Sue Mendelson.
Donna: Let's pick a date for the next regular membership meeting.
Discussion followed regarding place and times for the next meeting..........
Discussion followed regarding Cluster shows with other clubs in Maine....nothing was decided and will be discussed further at future meetings.
The meeting was adjourned at around 9PM with a tentitive meeting date of 7/11 or 12

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The meeting was called to order by Pres., Gay Spear with the following members present:  Todd Bennett, Sue Mendleson, Donna Cook, Dave Taylor, Vicki Rolls, Lynn Thomas, Mary Mulhern, and Gay Spear.
Secretary's Report:  (printed above) a copy of which was reviewed by the members.
Treas. Report:  Donna reported we had paid the Freepress bill for the last time and requested they stop sending us a bill.  And, a deposit has been made on the tents for the show.
Old Bus.  A discussion ensued regarding the Board Meeting's "chat" style, and how to make it be more efficient.  It was agreed a meeting agenda would help.
Show Committee:  Trophies are all set.  Show Photos for both days will be awarded to Group firsts and first place in obedience.  Gay Spear volunteered to pick up all the small dog toy prizes for placements.
    Food Vendors:  Smoothie Shack has been reserved, only.  Donna has contacted Kawanis but no one has called her back yet. She will pursue them.  Should we invite Mike Maeo, the vending guy back?  He will be contacted.
NO Lobster bake because last year's back had to be refunded because of lack of interest.
     Judges Lunches:  Dan Dowling's son is not doing it.  Vicki didn't know who will be doing it yet.
July 22nd (according to Vicki) is the deadline for catalog ads.
Full Page Ad                 $40
Half Page                       $20
Quarter Page                  $10
Per Photo                        $8
Lynn Thomas will collect ads and send directly to Rau dog shows.
Boy Scouts have been contacted and will help with parking, manning booths, etc.
NOMINATING COMMITTEE:  Donna suggested the present slate of officers stay at least until after the show because that is what is in the catalog.
Internet Meetings Discussion:  good way to do it is have a monitor to assign numbers to each person signed on.  A motion was made by Lynn Thomas and Seconded by Donna to have Board Meetings on line.  Sue M. said we need to e-mail people advising them to use the web-site more.
ALTERNATIVE SHOW SITES -  A committee was formed (Gay Spear, Dave Taylor and Mary Mulhern, Donna Cook) and will make a list of sites and visit them and report back to the membership.
It was decided to have the next membership meeting on AUGUST 24TH (WED) at Mary Mulhern's house.  Watch the Confidential Page on this site for directions to Mary's house.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:57.
Respectfully submitted:
Lynn Thomas


The following minutes were approved at the Nov. 8th meeting and, it was decided to make the meeting minutes available to members-only next month.

OCTOBER 25, 2004 Meeting Minutes

The Midcoast Kennel Club general membership meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM at Canine Connection in Warren.

Present were Karen Klein Pres, Gay Spear VP and Donna Cook Treas. Members present were Sue Mendleson, Susan Martin, Jon Chase, Jane and Ron Peabody, Dave Taylor, Sue West, Sue Morlan and Lynn Thomas. Also present were former members Zola Coogen and Karen Cheney. Guests were Laurie Howarth and Thom Lambert.

There were no President's remarks or Secretary's report

Comments re the printed minutes of the last meeting concerned the amount that was cleared at the dog show. Profit was $300. not the $3000. estimated in the newsletter. Susan Martin motioned to accept the minutes with that correction and motion was seconded by Dave Taylor. Accepted by the membership.

The Treasurer's report was read and circulated by Treasurer Donna Cook. Gay Spear motioned to accept the report. Seconded by Susan Martin and accepted by the membership.

Show committee: Discussion on what should be paid to Medomak Valley HS for use of the show grounds. The amount had varied over the years dependant on profits from the show. Jon Chase commented that the monies went to the student activities and not to operating expenses at the school. A motion was made by Dave Taylor to donate $500. for the fees. Seconded by Lynn Thomas. Passed by the membership.

Old Business concerned whether the club should remain as a club or disband, and whether it should have activities or just promote an annual show . Members felt there should be benefits for being in the club. Some members felt the club had punished members that did not attend by suspending their voting privileges. It was explained by board members present that this was done to assure a quorum was present at all meetings so votes on business could be conducted. It was also attempted to lower the percenage required for a quorum but AKC did not allow it. One member asked if voting could take place by mail or email. Karen noted that at this point the board positions were not all filled and so the board could not even conduct the regular business of the club.

Some discussion was had regarding how many meetings should be conducted per year and when. Sites that could accommodate dogs were preferred by all present. Sue Mendleson stated that AKC was not happy with the present schedule of general membership and board meetings alternating months. It was also asked if business had to be conducted at every meeting. The answer was yes but that it could be brief and preceed activities. The unfilled board positions of Secretary and two board members were discussed.

Following was a round table type discussion with members relating why they joined in the first place. Jon Chase noted that all the comments he was hearing involved being active in the club and none suggested that anyone wanted to disband.

Members present without a vote were informed that all they had to do was request being put back into voting status and approved by the board. Sue Morlan, Sue West and Jon and Kathy Chase were so voted back to active status. Sue Morlan and Jon Chase were then voted on by the Board members present to fill the two vacancies on the Board.

Lynn Thomas volunteered to be Webmaster for a site for the club to promote public info on us and our activities.

Guest Laurie Howarth offered to publicize meeting time and place any activities that the club might undertake.

It was decided that meetings would be held on the second Monday of the month for the time being at Canine Connection and they would continue to alternate between Board and General Membership with training time for dogs to follow. The next one will be a Board Meeting with regular membership welcome on the 8th of November.

Due to time constraints new business was put off until a future meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM.

Minutes taken by .... Gay Spear, Vice-President

"Rigel" on the Computer.....

In this area, we might mention the date of the next meeting.